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Main Products
Satellite Receiver
Terrestrial Receiver
Satellite Positioner
Dish Actuator
Universal LNB
Color Television
Satellite Navigation
Coaxial Cable
Car Bluetooth FM Transmitter
DVD Player
VCD Player
Computer Mouse
Audio MP3 Car FM Transmitter
Moblie Phone
Gas Lighter

Dreamsat Industrial Company.
Manufacturers and exporter connections for all your China and East Asian made products. We will source any item for you at the most competitive prices out there.

Prepare yourself to explore our Super Online Catalogues:
Digital Satellite Receivers, Digital Cable Receivers, Terrestrial Receivers, Satellite Positioners, Dish Actuators, Universal LNB's, Color Televisions, Satellite Navigation equipment, Coaxial Cabling & Connectors, In-Car Bluetooth FM Transmitters, MP3 Car FM Transmitters, DVD Players, VCD Players, Gaming Consoles, Computer Mouse & Accessories, the list is endless!

If you cannot find the item you are searching for in our catalogue pages this does not mean we do not have it, you can just drop us a line with full details and specification of the item in question, we will strive to source the item for you as quick as possible and at the most competitive price. We can source any goods internationally, from Asia and the rest of the world on request of our customers for your specific needs. Please browse our online catalogues for just some of our products and feel free to send us your introduction and requirements by email or fax.

We are also acting as client's on our customers behalf from China & East Asian buying agents handling the sourcing, inspection, payment control, customs clearance, shipping arrangements, communication liaison with factory management etc. We handle all aspects of the process for our clients to make them satisfied and productive, these are our main aims in business.

Note to customer:
We are manufactures and exporters, we only sell via wholesale / volume purchase with the minimum order quantity being one 20' container load. Thank you

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